About Us

Villa Jewelry creates and designs unique handmade Tagua jewelry from Ecuador. We work with Tagua, an organic and sustainable material with which we are referring to the latest fashion trends.

Villa Jewelry accessories are not just specially pretty and classy, they are helping the rainforest to remain and are supporting artisans in Ecuador communities.

The Villa Jewelry collection shows our customers an eco-friendly way to look good in the different seasons and to feel special knowing that acquire a piece which support a great cause. Enjoy the beauty and the spirit from Ecuador in our pieces.

Our Story

On a trip trough the ecuadorian Amazon, we met artisans who are working with Tagua, they showed us the whole process and we could also give a hand. We quickly began to realize that we share the same interest in the environment and that our friendship, as the ecofriendly and social thought, was the birth from Villa Jewelry.

Villa Jewelry is not only a brand name, it is the name of a contribution to the environment dressed in class and elegance.

This concept we want to share with our costumers, in a way that we are offering them a gift from the nature and pieces with an unique style.

What we stand for

We work exclusively with eco-friendly, sustainable and organic materials. For the only earth we have.

Fair Trade: Fair and equitable compensation of the artisan families, no child labor.

Unique craftsmanship from Ecuador.

The passion for fashion and accessories. This love we want to give back with our creations.